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"Lick my nipples and call me David" - Duztron 2015


His Majesty

DuzTron also known as coolmanx6 and the pussy destroyer has a whooping 69 billion views crushing the youtube world famous star pewdiepie.DuzTron destroyed youtube and now he has tyler oakley and marcus butler as his anus shaving slaves.DuzTrons real name is Atef Awadallah and he was born in Pussy, france in 1669. People in pussy, france celebrate his birthdate by sacrificing 3 water buffalos and 2 green malasian ducks because he was a high rank toroja muthafucka. DuzTron actually is the emperor of the power rangers cult. Attacked by ISIS twice on 9/21. Recovering from that attack, DuzTron started a Chicken Brand for his black friend which he later called KFC. DuzTron got married twice in his pimp ass life, his first wife was a ginger black girl called Shaniqua which he later divorced her because she cant cook fried chicken, and his second wife who was actually a transgender male who was Shaniqua's father, later divorced for the same reason as Shaniqua. 360 MLG Bowling champion of 2015. Has a stunt double that also gives him blowjobs. Diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 3, DuzTron fought it with a lot of will and managed to survive but he had a huge tumor on his ballsack which made it look like a watermelon. Got clickbated into a Afghani dating website which resulted in getting married 39 times and having 269 kids who he later made them work in his Victorias Secret factory

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